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As a small homeware business that has grown through the power of social media platforms such as Instagram, it’s incredible to see the influx of people inviting our eyes into their homes to see how they create the most swoon-worthy of spaces we dream of creating ourselves.  With this though, it’s easy to see how we can be influenced to snap up those quick ‘trending’ interior pieces without a second thought, just so we can experience a snippet of that perfectly put together home we see on those little squares.  


It's inevitable that most of us at some point will fall into that trending wave, feeling compelled to switch up the appearance of a room with ‘that’ luxurious bedding making promises that you will feel as though you are sleeping in fluffy clouds, or that certain style vase that looks like a sweet cake treat (don’t get me wrong, I have one of those myself!).


Let me just explain what I mean by the term Trend.  If something is trending, it means that it’s currently popular, I’m not saying that all trends are fads, so here I’m specifically talking about moving away from filling your home with objects that are purely trend-led i.e., buying at the time of them being popular rather than buying them for their more timeless appeal and longevity. The aim here is to give you some questions that you can ask yourself to help make home purchases more thought through.


Of course, these are just my views... so don’t take any of the above to heart (if you have a catalogue-worthy home and you love it, then that’s ok!) your home needs to speak to you and no one else.  I’m offering some advice based on my experience, and to save you a headache down the line trying to sell things on Facebook marketplace when you fall out of love with them!


So here is my list of 5 questions I now ask myself before I buy anything for my home. These questions are thought provoking so grab yourself a cuppa, pen & paper to get cosy for 15 minutes and really think about the answers, I promise you’ll think differently about your next purchase! The first 3 questions make you think about the feeling you want to experience in your home but they are super important to understand.



Ask yourself…


How do I want to feel in my own home? Go room by room, i.e. Living Room, how do you want to feel when you spend time in this room? Comfortable and cosy? Relaxed? Inviting?


How should my home serve me? What purpose does a specific room have, what will you use it for? This will give you an idea of what type of items you need to curate a space that works for you and your day-to-day living. For example, which door do you normally come in through – if it’s the backdoor, you’ll need somewhere close for coats, boots etc – think of each room’s purpose for what YOU use it for.


What values do I want to communicate through my home design? Do you want to tell a story through your home and pieces you have in it? How can those stories be told? What are your values – do you feel strongly about where items are made, buying from small businesses or usefulness of items? Do you only want to buy second hand? What is important to you?


What are 3 objects I already own that this object can be easily styled with? I love this question! I use the same question for buying clothes and it really helps!).


What are 3 ways I can use this object? Take a cushion for example, I would ask myself whether I need a cushion inner or whether I can replace an existing cushion with just the cover to save on storage space and just change the cover seasonally.  Are there multiple areas I can use it for, i.e. the sofa, outdoor chairs or a cosy reading nook armchair? I would always go with a multi-use option to get the most from my purchases.


For me personally, a more thoughtful approach to my purchases will always serve me better in the long run towards a more considered, timeless home style, that I won’t feel obliged to change or feel unhappy with. When we question our ‘need’ for an object or piece of furniture and what actual use/benefit we will gain from it rather than what it looks like, we will make better decisions.


Sometimes, we just need to take a step back from social media and think of how things make us feel and benefit us and our home, rather than taking a snap decision visual approach with our hard-earned pennies.


If you loved reading this post and it helped, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear if this was useful for you. Likewise, any tips and tricks you use yourself do pop them below for others!


Until next time,

Kirsty xo


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