5 WAYS to CREATE a cosy outdoor living space

I must admit, I was a bit sceptical when I thought of writing this blog post as I really didn't want to jinx the possibility of an impending heatwave! Positive thoughts whilst you read this one..
Approaching mid August, here in the UK it's safe to say we are yet to feel the Summer sun for longer than a day or two. Although, rumour has it that an Indian summer is on the way? With this in mind, I wanted to share with you 5 simple ways to create a cosy outdoor living space, extending those home sanctuary comforts to the garden (or, any outdoor space you have access to) so lets get going!
  1. Cushions & Throws
    Bring your indoor cushions outside for the day, whether you borrow them from your sofa, or use the decorative cushions off the bed - get them outside to create a cosy and inviting space. Just remember to take them back inside before it rains. The same goes with throws, bring a basket outside to nest your throws in near your seating area so they are easy to reach. Plus.. your guests will thank you for your thoughtfulness when the evening chill arrives. If you are on the hunt for soft furnishings you can check out our collection here.


  2. Scent the air with candles
    Bring your favourite scents from your home to the patio table - whether it's your favourite candle or you want to get through your collection of wax melts you've been stocking up on. The scent of candles especially those which use essential oils can create such a beautiful atmosphere, one of my favourites at the moment is this Uplift candle by Dani Ledo - scented with Bergamot & Lemon, one of my most loved combinations. If you really don't want to use your indoor candles, pop some scented tea lights in votives like these little ceramic votives and spread out across the table.

  3. Rugs
    I recently purchased a rug specifically for outside use, it's weatherproof which is a bonus. Rugs bring everything together in a room, cocooning larger furniture items; so it's a good way to bring those relaxing lounge vibes to an outdoor space.

  4. Florals & Greenery
    Bring your house plants or dried florals to the garden - such a simple way to accessorise your outdoor living space for free! Especially useful for smaller areas that cannot house large olive trees. It will add a subtle splash of colour and simply brighten any space. Pop your smaller arrangements and plants on the table to accessorise, add any larger flumes such as pampas grass to large vases or urns (keep them away from strong breezes/wind to ensure they keep their desired shape).


  5. Dine Alfresco
    Whether it's a lunchtime BBQ or you want to get use out of that pizza oven - dining alfresco even when you're not entertaining guests, is a great way to bring the family together. No need to get fancy with special outdoor crockery; just bring your everyday essential dinnerware from the kitchen and spark a conversation with the family, Netflix off. If you feel the evening chill, go grab a blanket from your basket you prepared earlier!


I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if it's useful or sparked other ideas on how to add cosiness to your outdoor space please comment below for others to try!
Kirsty xo

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