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In the Winter of 2007 from a living room across the pond in Boston, Alice Saunders starting her journey by telling stories through reclaimed materials, creating memories of purpose driven craftsmanship through making tote bags from salvaged materials. Within Forestbound's beautiful selection you may come across one of a kind market tote bags made from circa 1940's - 1960's era, from duffle bags or military tents iconic olive green canvas; to weekender carryall bags that are designed to inspire you to pack up only the essentials and escape amongst nature.  Introducing, Forestbound.

A white canvas weekender carryall bag, with the word ESCAPE in capital letters printed on the front. The bag is styled on a chair within a New Hampshire home with a vintage, Georgian interior design 

Image above: The iconic design, ESCAPE weekender bag in Natural canvas. Now available to buy at The Little Hygge Co.

Alice was driven by her passion for vintage textiles, after collecting used canvas tool bags from flea markets over a space of two decades; Forestbound started out being a tote and carryall bag company, but now creating what is now known internationally for one of the iconic, timeless bag styles with their ESCAPE weekender bags.

image above: patchwork market tote thoughtfully made with 1940's - 1960's era olive tone canvas salvaged from duffle bags, military tents, barracks bags, etc.

There's something quite mindful about the thought of disappearing into the wilderness with only the essentials packed into a single bag, disconnecting yourself from a world full of consistent nose and technology, and get one on one with nature itself and just 'be'.  For some (especially those of us here in the UK) this may seem like something you would read in an adventurous book, but it's something that can be done even for a day or a few hours to escape the stress that daily life has on us. 

The Forestbound bag will soon become your go-to bag for weekend city breaks, exciting road trips and days out with the family - spacious enough to fulfil it's purpose whilst becoming an accessory to your outfit with it's neutral, undated design. Purely timeless.

Alice Saunders Cabin in the woods of New Hampshire, US.

Image above: Alice's rustic hidden cabin in the woods.

Alice's instagram page is certainly a dream to browse if you are fond of cosy cabins, as she shares her hidden getaway, deep in the woods of New Hampshire, US. Explore the way Alice and her partner live both mindfully and minimally through this treasure of a find.

I am so pleased to be able to bring this wonderful US brand to you here in the UK, starting with the iconic weekend ESCAPE bags which are available now in a variety of colours, with or without the shoulder strap. The market totes will be available soon so do check back with us soon!

Stay cosy,
Kirsty xo

Photography content by Alice Saunders, Forestbound 




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