About Us

TLHC | Curated for cosy living

TLHC is all about creating cosy living, not just in spaces around the home but throughout our day to day lives. Our collections range from home accessories, small furniture and lifestyle essentials, all influenced by the simplicity of Scandinavian design and the ways of slower paced living. 

Purposeful objects made from wood, glass and ceramics to name a few plus seasonal items including our popular Little Hygge gift boxes. All of our items are carefully handpicked from around the world including small business brands and UK artisans who we love to support. Our aim is to inspire you to create feelings of Hygge in your home.

You may be wondering what exactly do we mean by Hygge?
Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is “the Danish concept which describes creating a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment” In short, it’s a feeling, the creation of an atmosphere and enjoying life wherever you are, whoever you’re with and with what you have.
I've always said, the idea of TLHC is not to sell 'Hygge', it's not an object or a lifestyle you adopt. However, what’s to say that the objects we possess don't create a feeling of comfort and meaningfulness in our lives?  We buy things to shape our home, add character, help us organise the chaos of the everyday and make our time at home feel personable.

Behind the business

I'm Kirsty, the founder of The Little Hygge Co, based in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Colchester, Essex.  I love anything to do with home - from the smell of freshly brewed coffee, creating cosy little reading nooks to DIY and baking.. I'm what you would call an all round, somewhat balanced homebody! My work life so far has mainly been in the corporate world, but in hope of a more balanced lifestyle, I decided to put my foot on the accelerator starting my own venture.  I've always had a passion for interiors, which began when I was forever changing the layout of my bedroom every month when I was a kid! I'm definitely more drawn to the minimalism of Scandinavian design, having an admiration for simplistic styling and love the stories behind objects we choose to put in our home.
I carefully handpick every single item in my shop, from quality brands, small businesses, niche creators and artisans, offering a balanced edit of purposeful objects and accessories. Everything in the shop is chosen against my core values:
Simplicity | Every item is picked for its minimal design and neutral colour palette (sorry to any neon lovers) but I'm a neutral lass at heart.
Quality | Every item is of high quality, so made to last. I'm a huge believer in buying once, but buying well.
Personal | Everything chosen is something that I would genuinely use (and in most cases, do!) in my own home. I am always looking for ways to improve my home and lifestyle, so I'm here on this journey with you.
Sustainability | I am conscious of factors surrounding sustainability and source products that are made from responsible materials, that can often be used or reused in multiple ways to avoid waste.
I hope you love the edit as much as I have loved creating it.  You can find me on Instagram @thelittlehyggeco so please come say hello, and don't forget to sign up for emails to keep up to date!