Our Story

The Little Hygge Company was born in February 2020, a small business with our main aim of bringing the Hygge feeling into your home.

Are you new to the 'Hygge' concept?  Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) may be just a word, but has so much meaning behind it!  The Danish concept describes creating a mood of cosiness and comfort.  It is for one to acknowledge that feeling or moment through life; whether inside or outside, alone or surrounded by friends.  It's not something you adopt as such.. it's a feeling you create.  What's not to love about creating that warm and comforting feeling?



Kirsty Gipson the founder of The Little Hygge Company, has a passion for simple, understated home accessories and timeless pieces built well and to last.  She was inspired to create her own version of cosy, comforting homeware pieces; that project simplicity - taking inspiration from Scandinavian interiors.


"I've always admired simplistic styling in the home - like most of us I've found myself scrolling Pinterest until the early hours, my phone is full of mood boards of interior pieces I could never find in shops.

There's so many options, but I've found it hard to find those simple yet functional items that make a difference to the home at the right quality and price.  I was fortunate to have time on my side following a redundancy in 2020 so I started to explore different styles, and read about the Danish concept of Hygge; comfort, cosiness, warmth - everything a home should be to people, and that lightbulb just clicked. So I went for it, and I've never looked back since"


With every item handpicked from Suppliers and Artisans around the world, we are confident you will love our collections just as much as us.