Our Story

Hi, I'm Kirsty the founder of The Little Hygge Co. I live in a small rural village on the outskirts of Colchester, Essex with my little family - the newest addition being Harley, our special little rescue puppy from Greece who joined us in May! I love anything to do with the home - from freshly brewed coffee, creating cosy little reading nooks to DIY and baking.. I'm what you would call an all round, somewhat balanced homebody!

Having been in a corporate role for over 13 years, I was starting to find myself wanting more. I had learnt a lot about business operations throughout the years and the idea of a side business was starting to take over my thoughts.

I soon discovered the Danish concept of Hygge whilst researching interior design styles and fell in love with it. Seeing my new found obsession, my partner gifted me a book all about Hygge and I just couldn't put it down, I was well and truly hooked. I was drawn to the minimalism of Scandinavian design and resonated with the way the book spoke about our homes and the objects we choose to put in them.

I often reflect on a memory I have from my childhood, walking around shops, exploring rows of products with my parents. I was always picking things up to look and feel before being told "put that back before you break it!". I've always had a fascination with objects and as I've got older, I'm intrigued by how we use them, the memories we attach to them and how these same objects shape our lifestyle, sometimes without us really paying much attention to them.

You can’t buy Hygge – it’s not a lifestyle you adopt, it’s a feeling. However, what’s to say that the objects we possess can’t create a feeling of comfort and meaningfulness in our life?  We buy things to shape our home, add character, help us organise the chaos of the everyday and make our time at home feel personable.

Fast forward to mid-2020, redundancy meant I had time on my side to get things going sooner than I thought. So in true Kirsty style, my foot hit the accelerator, I put in every penny I had, built my website learning as I went along and had my first order in June 2020.
The Little Hygge Co. is a new journey for me. Having zero experience in interior design and no formal qualifications, what I do have is passion and an admiration for simplistic styling, heavily inspired by Scandinavian design. I carefully handpick every single item in my shop, from well known brands to small businesses, niche creators to artisans, offering a balanced collection of purposeful objects and accessories I would personally have or use in my own home.
Bringing my life into my business and the growing community that I have created online, is something that is really important to me. Instagram has been a massive part in growing my business quickly over the past year and through lockdown. It allows me to make genuine connections with my amazing customers and share everything TLHC daily.  
So, here it is, my little collection of Hygge. Carefully curated, timeless objects from around the world, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Stay Safe, Stay Cosy
Kirsty xo